Amzaing & Easy Kids Lunch Box Ideas

Discover a world of mouth-watering options for your child’s tasty lunchtime escapades! The menu in our kids lunch box ideas are especially designed to treat the taste buds, to satiate hungry stomachs and to make mealtime happy times for children of all ages. Starting from colorful vegetable pinwheels and healthy breakfast burritos.

Every recipe is created with the aim of sparking imagination, developing good food habits, and taking into account diversity of tastes and preferences. From a picky eater to an adventurous foodie, our lunch box ideas offer a variety to accommodate different palates. Thus, let the lunch hour be a time of mouth-watering snacks, healthy ingredients, and so many combinations that will make it a day your kid will look forward to!

HUMMUS AND VEGGIE PINWHEELS: A Tasty Experience for Kids.


Take your baby on a flavorful ride through the awesome land of hummus and veggies with our deliciously fun pinwheels! These pinwheels are not only packed with creamy hummus, cheese and vibrant red bell peppers but also help as an ideal option to include in your children’s diets in order for them to get used at first time.

HUMMUS AND VEGGIE PINWHEELS: A Tasty Experience for Kids.


  • Flour tortillas

  • Hummus

  • Cheese slices

  • Red bell peppers

  • Sliced oranges

  • Crinkle-cut carrots

  • Cucumbers

  • Healthy mini muffins


  • Place a plain flour tortilla on any clean surface, and invite your child to come play along in this trip through the kitchen for now.

  • Spread enough creamy hummus over the tortilla, allowing your kid to assist in this spreading.

  • Top the hummus with slices of cheese and red bell peppers, forming a delightful mosaic of tastes.

  • Roll the tortilla in a tight cylinder without losing your child’s attention, watching how they can make anything from it.

  • Cut the tortilla that has been rolled into pinwheels showing hoops of hummus and vegetables.

  • Place the hummus and veggie pinwheels inside the lunch box beside sliced oranges, crinkle-cut carrots, cucumbers and healthy mini muffins to create a pretty that would whet any young child’s appetite.

    Make your child familiar with a world of nourishing and tasty foods by trying this recipe for hummus, veggie pinwheels. The pinwheels will make a perfect lunch box or afternoon snack and at the same time it is full of nourishing ingredients. Cook with your children and make meal time a fun activity that they will remember. Let your little one discover the joy of healthy eating by trying our recipe today.

    BREAKFAST BURRITO: A Checkout for a Hearty Lunch Feast.


    Who said breakfast cannot be in afternoon? Treat your kids to a good old lunch burrito with meat and vegetables. This is a pleasant change from their daily lunch habit which will tantalize them with different textures and flavors.

    BREAKFAST BURRITO: A Checkout for a Hearty Lunch Feast.


    • Scrambled eggs

    • Hummus

    • Breakfast foods such as cooked sausage or chicken stripes

    • Shredded cheese

    • Diced tomatoes

    • Sliced avocado

    • Crispy jicama sticks

    • Creamy guacamole

    • Fresh juicy berries


    • Start with a plate of large flour tortilla flattened to serve as the base for creating an early-rising masterpiece.

    • The spoon scrambled eggs, cooked breakfast sausage or bacon shredded cheese diced tomatoes and sliced avocado are placed onto the tortilla sweeping together a picture of colorful mornings.

    • Wrap the sides of tortilla around filling and roll tightly into burrito each one folded flavor must stay in it.

    • Serve creamy guacamole dip in a different silicone muffin liner which would be used to benefit the crispy jicama sticks thus resembling not only tasty but also interactive dish.

    • Stir in some fresh juicy berries to fill up the box, giving a touch of sweetness that provides just what is needed after all those savory tastes from the burrito.

      Change your lunch into a party of flavors with this powerful breakfast burrito recipe. This meal is loaded with proteins and vegetables as well as creamy delight that will make kids of all ages smile in satisfaction. The appositive specifies every delicious mouthful with crispy jicama sticks dipped in creamy guacamole and lively bursts of fresh berries. Your children will enjoy a lunch treat with our recipe of breakfast burrito.

      QUINOA SALAD: The Remaining Magic for a Healthy Meal


      Spice up your leftovers, yesterday’s dinner transforming today’s lunchtime treat following our quinoa salad recipe! Made with wholesome ingredients and full of flavors, this salad is the best way ro turn over the leftovers into a healthy meal for your kid.

      Enjoy the benefit of no more food waste and a wonderful lunchtime spread with our quinoa salad recipe! Quinoa salad leftovers are used to make this dish and it is accompanied by fresh apple slices and grape tomatoes. This meal is not only delicious but also very healthy. With every bite, your kid will experience the rich flavor and the healthy goodness, and lunch time will become his best time of the day. Give quinoa salad a try today and escape from lunchtime leftovers forever!



      •  Leftover quinoa salad

      • Green apple slices

      • Grape tomatoes

      • Apple butter cookies with chewy apple


      • Place quinoa salad leftovers in a portion of the lunch box, as left-overs become delicious main course.

      • Another section features the arrangement of green apple slices and grape tomatoes, giving the meal a refreshing crunch and sweet taste.

      • Try chewy apple butter cookies to bring a sweet element, as the salad is quite savory and a touch of indulgence is present.

        CUCUMBER SUSHI: New and Unique Lunchtime


        Make your lunchtime extraordinary with our cucumber sushi rolls! These sushi bites are crunchy and loaded with nutritious vegetables, offering a tasty option for a lunchbox.Let’s roll!

        Spice up your lunch break with our cucumber sushi rolls recipe! These sushi bites are made of fresh cucumbers, colorful veggies, and protein-filled turkey roll-ups, which is a fun and yummy snack for everyone. In addition, whole edamame and juicy strawberries on the side make your child’s meal well-balanced with fuel for the afternoon activity. Say farewell to monotonous lunches and welcome sushi-inspired fun with our recipe.

        CUCUMBER SUSHI: New and Unique Lunchtime


        • Cucumber

        • Mixed vegetables

        • Whole podded edamame, in the shell

        • Turkey roll-ups

        • Fresh fruits such as strawberries


        • Using a vegetable peeler, carefully cut slices lengthwise of cucumber into thin strips, which will make sushi-making process a lot easier.

        • Arrange the vegetables along one side of the cucumber strip to provide color and variety to each roll.

        • Roll up the long piece of cucumber tightly into sushi rolls, letting your child in on the rolling fun!

        • Serve the cucumber rolls with sushi, edamame in the shell, turkey roll-ups, and fresh fruit like strawberries for a delicious and well-balanced lunch.

          WHITE BEAN AVOCADO SANDWICH: Wholesome Delights Perfect for Picky Eaters


          Enjoy our white bean avocado sandwich, which is perfect for fussy eaters that are hungry for flavor and health benefits. This sandwich lunch box is a celebration of veggie lover foods with a combination of creamy textures and refreshing crunch.Let’s dive in!

          WHITE BEAN AVOCADO SANDWICH: Perfect for Picky Eaters


          • Whole grain bread

          • White beans

          • Avocado

          • Sliced cucumbers

          • Sliced carrots

          • Cheese crackers or pretzels

          • Fresh cherries


          • Mash white beans and avocado to create a creamy spread, serving as a good base for a tasty sandwich.

          • Spread the white bean and avocado mix onto whole grain bread to cover each bite with protein and healthy fats.

          • Arrange a layer of sliced cucumbers and carrots on the spread, giving a crisp and refreshing bite with every spoonful.

          • Serve the sandwich with cheese crackers or pretzels for a crunchy sensation and fresh cherries for the added sweetness, making this a well-rounded lunch pack.

            Make even the most choosy eaters happy with our white bean avocado sandwich recipe! Filled with creamy white bean and avocado spread, crisp cucumbers, and carrots, this sandwich is a delicious and healthy delight for kids. It is accompanied by cheese crackers and fresh cherries, and thus is a perfect meal to give an ideal balance of flavors and textures. Bid farewell to mealtime woes and welcome your child’s happy tummy by trying out our recipe.

            TUNA AND RICE: A Sushi-Inspired Journey in Every Bite


            Dive into a sushi-inspired journey with our tuna rice lunch box. This dish is loaded with flavor and nutrients and is a modern, tasty version of a conventional sushi, suitable for the experimental eaters and for all the sushi lovers.Let’s roll!

            TUNA AND RICE: A Sushi-Inspired Journey in Every Bite


            • Seaweed snacks

            • Tuna

            • Cooked rice with sesame seeds

            • Fresh pomegranate seeds

            • Fresh vegetables such as avocado and cucumber


            • Place a few sheets of seaweed snacks in the lunch box and be ready to enjoy a sushi-like spread.

            • Combine tuna and rice with sesame seeds, making a sushi filling that is both savory and satisfying.

            • Throw in some fresh pomegranate seeds for a burst of sweetness and vibrant color, adding a beautiful contrast to the savory flavours.

            • Top the plate with fresh veggies such as avocado and cucumber to add freshness and crunchiness, and finish off the sushi-inspired meal with a blend of textures and tastes.

              Bring the lunchtime flavors to a whole new level with our sushi-like tuna and rice recipe! Filled with protein, fiber, and antioxidants, this dish is a nutritious and flavorful take on traditional sushi. With every bite, your child will surely experience a blast of freshness and scrumptiousness that will make lunchtime the best part of their day. Experience a sushi-style journey today with our tuna and rice recipe that is delectable and nutritious!

              COLESLAW: Crispy, Creamy, and Delicious

              Enjoy the perfect combination of crunchy and creamy with our homemade coleslaw recipe! Brimming with fresh vegetables and packed with flavor, this coleslaw is a perfect side dish to any lunchtime celebration.Let’s dive in!


              COLESLAW: Crispy, Creamy, and Delicious


              • Homemade coleslaw

              • Crispy chicken nuggets

              • Broccoli or cauliflower buds

              • Sweet fruits , such as watermelon or kiwi


              • Whip together homemade coleslaw by combining shredded cabbage, carrots, and creamy sauce.

              • Serve the coleslaw with the chicken nuggets (which offer protein and crunchiness) as a side dish.

              • Add these delicious broccoli or cauliflower florets for extra nutrition and freshness, and complete the meal with a wide variety of vegetables.

              • Add sweet fruits such as watermelon or kiwi to the lunch box for a refreshing and delectable finish, bringing a sweetness that balances with the savory taste.

                Add a punch of flavor and freshness by making your own coleslaw for your child’s lunch box! This coleslaw made from crunchy vegetables and delicious dressing is the ideal side dish for any meal. With crispy chicken nuggets and fresh fruit on the side, it is a lunch that is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding of eaters. Bid farewell to bland sandwiches and embrace the crunchiness and creaminess of the coleslaw!

                LUNCH BOX IDEAS FOR BIG KIDS: Bento boxes can be stacked to suit growing appetites.


                Oh my, the pre-teen and teenage years! What the saying “children will eat you out of house and home” literally means happens in times like these. This is why our stackable bento boxes are ideal for big kids with big appetites. Let’s look at some fun lunch box ideas that will keep them full and happy throughout the day.

                WAFFLE BREAKFAST: Breakfast Delights for Lunchtime Pleasure


                Big kids may have big appetites and little ones as well. Using breakfast boxes, you can offer a variety of foods that will definitely fill up kids. Add waffles or pancakes, fresh fruits like strawberries and blueberries, a small amount of Greek yogurt, some crunchy granola, and a sliced boiled egg for protein. This is a meal that is balanced for both children and adults.

                PIZZADILLA: Pizza Flavors With Every Bite


                These stackable lunch boxes are larger so you can fill them with food to satisfy your hungry teenager. For the divided container, choose fruit like halved kiwis or mango slices for the larger part, followed by pretzels and cherry tomatoes for the quarter sections. Pour pizza sauce into the center cup to dip it in and dunk the pizzadilla that is stored in the larger bowl.

                TUNA SALAD SANDWICH: Old Time Favorite for Hearty Eaters


                Make a tuna salad sandwich to put it next to the large lunch box container. Next, place fresh fruits, vegetables, and snacks on the tray. The options include celery sticks, pineapple chunks, saltine crackers, and marinated olives.

                Stackable bento boxes are perfect for big kids to keep them well fueled and contented. From breakfast pleasures such as waffles and fruit to the savory favorites like pizzadillas and tuna salad sandwiches, these dishes are meant for hunger like no other. Lunchtime became even more fun with our stackable bento boxes!


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