Exploring Chapinero: A Lively Neighborhood in Bogotá, Capital of Colombia

We offer you the opportunity to delve into the life of people that is Chapinero, cozy neighborhood, located in the center of Bogotá, Colombia. This vibrant environment combines the best of culture, history, and modernism, thus recommending this as part of a top must-see Colombian travel destination list for those visitors that crave an authentic Colombian experience. From its awesome street art to its colorful night entertainment areas, Chapinero has a version of fun for people of all kinds. Be sure to read further to discover several reasons why you should make Chapinero a part of your travel planning, complete with activity recommendations, hotel options, and restaurant and bar ideas.

Why Go to Chapinero?

Chapinero is a mix of cultures, with people from everywhere come to stay looking for a piece of their own. Here are a few reasons why you should consider exploring this dynamic neighborhood

Here are a few reasons why you should consider exploring this dynamic neighborhood:

Cultural Diversity: Immerse in the very characteristic components of the Colombian way of life when you walk through the paths of Lazo where thrive traditional and modern sit side by side Colombian food establishments and restaurants coming from other parts of the world.

Art and Creativity: The neighborhood of Chapinero has become well known for its outstanding street art that has many fabulous murals indispensably adorning buildings. Spend a relaxing afternoon in the areas around to identify such marvelous pieces of art and experience the creativity and liveliness of Colombian artistic circle.

Nightlife:As soon as the sunsets, Chapineros can no longer sleep and it becomes vibrant with a sky rocket nightlife. Whether your in the mood for craft cocktails, live music, or dancing until dawn, you’ll find a diverse and numerous venues to help in taking care of your preferences.

Convenience: Set in the middle of Bogotá and less than a kilometre from the downtown area, Chapinero provides easy access to the capital’s premier landmarks, including places of interest, museums, and shopping centers.


What to do in Chapinero?

Explore Calle 57:This street is the heart of this place, where you can find anything you need. There are shops, cafes, and restaurants all along the way. Enjoy the afternoon sniffing around in a variety of small stores, or simply tasting some freshly brewed Colombian coffee, at the local coffee shop around the block.

Visit Chapinero Alto:Climb to Chapinero Alto, way up above that, to get to know one of the most characteristic areas from the area where live: tree-lined streets, hygienic architecture and cozy looking houses. Enjoy a walk at a slow pace and inhale the calm serenity of the neighborhood.

Discover Local Markets:Practice tasting the true flavours of the metropolitan in the old neighbourhood of the Chapinero, the special market you have to discover like when you are familiar with the fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, and mouth watering street food.

Admire Street Art:This area has several of Bogotá’s spectacular murals hidden for the eyes of every art lover. Along with taking a self-guided walking tour to uncover well-concealed treasures and vibrant murals, do not forget to also look in places that seem not to be noticeable by most people.

Whether to stay in Chapinero or chase your adventures around the capital city also depends on you, the traveler.

Chapinero Boutique Hotels:Escape to a glamorous hotel in Chapinero’s boutique hotel and you can have a unique touch from amazing stage accommodation.

Budget-Friendly Hostels:Squeezing on budget? Along Bank of the Chapinero you will find usual hostels and guesthouses where you can choose a cozy stay in accordance with your budget, that is affordable for everybody.

Airbnb:Dive deeper into local cultural by staying in a furnished Airbnb apartment in the area of Chapinero. From little cute studios to the big spacious lofts you will find every one’s match space for you away from home.

In where to eat and drink in Chapinero also depending on our preferences.

Andrés Carne de Res:Taste the traditional Colombian fare, flavorful dishes and a wonderful fun atmosphere at Carne de Res, also know as “The Meat of the People”.

Café Varietale:To kick-start your day, arrive at Café Varietale to relish donuts, cake, coffee, and Chapinero panorama.

El Mono Bandido: So bored by our regular diet? Get there at El Mono Bandido for global culinary delight. Set your palate for Asian fusion dishes, Mexican food favorites and delicious burgers.

El Chato:Have the best dining out as El Chato is the top notch Colombian restaurant that really stands out with natural ingredients from local farms.


To sum up, Chapi is blessed with a quirky mix of culture, history and modern life and that makes it be an ideal pick by those who want to tour Colombia the way they would wish to. Whether you are among throngs of street art lovers, taking a long walk in the street art venues, or lost among the crowds somewhere in the city center having a typical Colombian meal or a great party on your own, Chapinero sure will give you a lot of amazing memories to dream about. So hurry up and put your bags together and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable adventure in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia that has so much to offer.

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