Dawat Vlog BBQ Fish, BBQ Prawns, and Koila Chai! Kids Lunch Box

As the sun set, leaving on it traces of orange and pink across its broad carpeted by heaven we knew a celebration had to happen. And with laughter bouncing off hard and charcoal smell spreading from our grill, rooftop was more than ready for a memorable BBQ Fish, BBQ Prawns, and Koila Chai Party.

There is joy in eating with relatives and friends, but nothing high above hosting an outside gathering on a free heaven. And with hearts yearning in excitement and stomachs growling impatiently, we embarked on the journey to organise an event that will bring us laughter, loving spirits as well as ample feast.

The star of the evening? Only our newly cooked fish, marinated and hot on grills. There is a primordial gratification in watching the embers swirl about the grill, smoking our fish with crisp and smoky flavors.

The Real Gem In BBQ Fish, BBQ Prawns, and Koila Chai

But, a real gem in every BBQ is represented by a koila tea pot that brings so much more spices and perfume from coal steam aroma. My stove was boiling and simmering tea with which the heavy perfume mixed with BBQ, creating a huge arena of flavors.

Night by night, slowly unveiled; our rooftop became a space for young and old. The youngsters went wild, their little voices echoing in the air as they laughed out loud while playing games and chasing each other around under starlit sky. Their joy was infectious, and it soon got everyone in its grip.

The very first bits of grilled fish began to bless our plates and we understood that this moment was going to stay forever in the memory. The act of eating together is somewhat magical, especially outdoors with the whole night sky in front.

Every bite of our BBQ meal tasted not only delicious but also the feeling of being together and bringing that bonding we share as a family. In all our laughter, shared stories and sense of joy we were made aware as to the essence of happiness that is an affinity with those whom are most special to us.

As the night was ending and the dying last embers from grill sank into darkness, we knew that on this evening had existed in our hearts for ever. As families, in the plain act of being together we derived pleasure and connectedness, those things that capture what it means to be family.

And with that we said goodnight to another wonderful night under the stars, grateful for all our shared time and memories. And in the heat of our rooftop BBQ party, we did find not only physical sustenance but spiritual satisfaction.

Cheers to many more nights full of laughter, love and the everyday pleasures. Until we meet again, may your hearts be filled and cups brimming with the joy of life’s pure essence. Family, the wonder of friendship and a barbecue party on top gives cheers!


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