Easy Chicken Cheese Rolls: In a world where most people are either stuck or working, this lunch box can be a life-saver!

As a parent, I have a busy schedule where I manage work, domestic chores, and the rest of the family responsibilities, which are sometimes hard to combine and may feel like a marathon. In the midst of all of this, preparing exciting and healthy meals for the kids is a daily task on which one has to constantly work. This is where my recipe for Chicken Cheese Rolls comes to the rescue, making the day bright with its simplicity and taste.

One day, in the midst of a school day morning routine for the children and my own, I came across this beautiful recipe. This recipe highlighted the convenience of making a favorite lunchbox snack at the cost of only a few ingredients and small effort which was impossible to resist even for adults.

First up, I gathered the essentials: chicken mince, black pepper, salt, ginger garlic paste, chili sauce, soy sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese shreds, chopped onions, and roll sheets. I was able to quickly locate these ingredient in my kitchen pantry, I really liked the fact that I used whatever I though would work at the moment.
I pour oil into a frying pan and let the mince chicken cook slowly over a low-medium flame, stirring. While those aromatic spices were filling the whole kitchen, I was really looking forward to the tastes that I was going to enjoy.

When the chicken has become an irresistible golden colour then I added the ginger garlic paste and allowed it to do its tricky work for 3-4 minutes but stirring at regular intervals. Next came the spices: few seasonings such as black pepper, salt, chili sauce, and soy sauce that come together to perfectly compliment the taste.

With the onions softened and mixed with the chicken, I could, no longer help myself but take a small bite. The mix of these elements was absolutely superb, but there was more to come.

Enter the cheese – a generous helping of mozzarella and cheddar, adding that gooey goodness that kids (and adults) adore. With a final mix, the filling was ready to be encased in the roll sheets.

With practiced hands, I spooned just the right amount of filling onto each roll sheet, ensuring that it was neither too sparse nor overflowing. A quick fold and a dab of all-purpose flour paste sealed the deal, readying the rolls for their journey into the freezer.

Here’s the beauty of this recipe: it’s not just a lunchtime savior for the kids, but also a lifesaver for busy days. I made a batch large enough to last for weeks, knowing that I could simply pull out a few rolls from the freezer whenever hunger struck.

But wait, here’s a pro tip: when filling the roll sheets, go easy on the quantity. A small amount ensures that the rolls stay intact, preventing any spills or messes in the lunchbox. It’s a small adjustment that makes a big difference in the ease of eating.

As the rolls sizzled to golden perfection in the wok, I couldn’t help but marvel at the simplicity of it all. In just a few steps, I had prepared a lunchbox treat that would bring smiles to my kids’ faces and maybe even spark envy among their friends.

So, whether it’s a hectic school morning or a busy day at the office, these Chicken Cheese Rolls are a delicious solution for all ages. With their savory filling and crispy exterior, they’re sure to become a lunchtime favorite – one bite at a time. Let’s not forget about the cheese – a substantial amount of mozzarella and cheddar to savor that salty, gooey yumminess we all love. Finally, with the first mix, the filling is prepared to be wrapped in the sheets of dough.

Even now, the memory of carefully spooning the ideal amount of filling onto every pastry sheet brings back feelings of accomplishment, neither for too much nor too little. In just a few moments I folded it up and made a flour paste that I used to seal the rolls. I now knew that the rolls were ready to travel and had a place in the freezer.

Here’s the beauty of this recipe: its supply is not just a bag for rescue in the children’s time, but also a bag for help during the busy days. I did a mix of a big bulk of rolls for every time of my hunger, I knew that I could do that by simple pull-out 2-3 pack from the freezer.

But wait, here’s a pro tip: if there’s one thing you have to be aware of when filling out roll sheets, it is overload. Some few pieces of shall just enough to the rolls hold together and avoid the lunchbox to spills during transportation. It is the little detail that aids to the simplicity of the eating process.
While the rolls were going into their golden perfection in the wok, I was on my knees watching everything and admiring the simplicity of this. In a couple of minutes I had made a lunch box treat that would certainly bring satisfaction to my kids and its high probability is that this treat would make even their friends jealous.

Hence, whoever is in a rush for the breakfast in the hectic school in the morning or lunch in the office, Chicken Cheese Rolls can be the delicious solution for everybody. Being so irresistible with a savory filling in the middle and a crispy crust, they`ll be your new lunchtime favorite little guy – one bite at a time.

Easy Chicken Cheese Rolls

Prep time


Cooking time


Calories Per Serving



Ingredients for Chicken

  • Chicken mince 250 gm

  • Black pepper 1 tsp

  • Salt 1/2 tsp

  • Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp

  • Chilli sauce 1 tsp

  • Soya sauce 1 tsp

  • Mozzarella and cheddar cheese 1 cup

  • Onion chopped 2 medium

  • Roll Sheet(roll patti)

  • All-purpose flour 2 tablespoon

  • Water as required


  • In a pan add oil and then chicken mince, fry on low medium flame until color changes.

  • Add ginger garlic paste cook until water dries up. 

  • Add black pepper, salt, chili sauce, soya sauce and onion, mix well and cover the pan. 

  • Cook on low flame 8 to 10 minutes. 

  • Dry water on high flame and turn off the flame and then mix cheese. 

  • Take a bowl add all-purpose flour and water mix well and make a smooth paste. 

  • Take roll sheet and add filling, fold both side apply all-purpose flour paste. 

  • Prepare remaining roll similarly and can be stored up to 3 weeks in freezer. 

  • In a wok, heat oil and fry until golden brown.

Chicken cheese roll for kids by Kids Lunch Box


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