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In my family, mornings are all about doing. Since there are three lively kids to be sent to school, many exciting and bustling days, are always waiting. When you are a mom or dad, there is always an unconscious feeling that your food contrary to your little ones need for night should be quick and healthy. That is where our easy homemade frozen pizza recipe, a savior on those crazy days we are tossed between works and craving, steps in.

However, all this comes from one morning, when I realized that I am once again in the same position that I am facing the question of what to pack for the kids’ lunchboxes. Looking at this ticking clock, I knew that what I needed was something that would be both pragmatic and fulfilling. It was at that moment when the idea of homemade frozen pizza was like sun through clouded skies

By using several basic ingredients in combination with a pinch of creativity, I tried to invent a recipe that not only pleases the tongue but also leaves the time of meal a fulfilling event for my kids. Well, isn’t that what parties itself are supposed to be about? Ka buriha-burihin ang mga mukha ng mga nasasaktan nating mga tao.

The first was to collect the materials – the chicken, tikka masala, lemon juice, and a colorful combination of onions, capsicums and tomatoes, the requisite of a spice masala. The exciting suspense just made me chop and dice increasingly faster. Is not the aura of talent of cooking something mesmerizing? How certain ingredients paired perfectly together for a meal that gives you all the warm, homely feelings – that’s true culinary magic.

While the chicken was marinating in a wonderful combination of spices, I shifted my focus to the dough, which serves as the base for every great pizza. A sprinkle of flour and a light knead and the dough combined into a perfect mixture that could be pushed through a mold and turned the doughs into round homemade pizza bases. The best choice for the kids I made mini pizzas that really was perfect in size for little hands and big appetite.

As I prepared the pizzas in the oven, the tantalizing smell of freshly baked pizza made its way into my nostrils and I couldn’t help smile at the pleasant feeling. There is something sacred in the fact that you, and only you, can prepare the meals made with your own hands for the people you love. It is a labor of love, made in flesh, a manifestation of caring for and loving another person.

When the pizzas reach the golden color and all the cheese has melted, there is a final freeze that is done in order to be consumed at a later date. Successfully concealing a single green pepper in the middle of each pizza, I wrapped all pizzas in cling film with a great feeling of joy and anticipation, making sure that the kids could not wait to surprise their kids in the lunchboxes.

In the morning on their way to the school to catch a day filled with concerted attention, I had to feel the pleasure that I had cooked for them something unusually delicious. Walking towards their stools, their faces at first bewildered but at the sight of the homemade frozen pizzas in their lunchboxes, their faces brightened with joy, a pleasing memory of the labor of love they were testimony to.

And thus, here we share our own homemade frozen pizza recipe, one that has been passed down through the years and soon it will be one of the many delightful family traditions – that even on the most hectic days, we can always take a break to eat with those whom we treasure most. And therefore here are some simple yet fast cooking recipes that not only brighten the times at meal when one is looking forward to enjoying, but every bite of those recipes creates the moments of happiness. With this, salute the sweetest aspects of the good meals and the community—may there always be a presence of comfort and joy in our hearts.

Mini Frozen Pizza Recipe For Kids Lunch Box

Prep time


Cooking time


Calories Per Serving



Ingredients for Chicken

  • Chicken: 300 gm

  • Tikka masala: 2 teaspoons
  • Oil: 2 tablespoons
  • Onion: 1 medium
  • Capsicum: 2 medium
  • Tomato: 1 medium
  • Pizza sauce: 1 cup
  • Cheddar cheese: as required

  • Mozzarella cheese: as required


  • Add tikka masala and lemon juice, the chicken mix in a bowl. Immerse it in points for 30 minutes to absorb all the flavors.

  • Using a pan that has been pre-heated with oil, add the marinated meat. Tender and juice when enough cooked but not more than 10-15 minutes.

  • For Dough: Oil your hands and the baking tray to ensure that the puff pastry does not mould to either of them after baking.

  • For a 14-inch pan, take 450 Gm. of dough and shape it with the aid of hands to create pizza base.
  • When making mini pizzas, use a cup or glass to cut round mini sizes out of the dough.

  • Place the pizza dough in the perheated oven at 180°C and bake for 10-15 minutes, until golden brown.

  • Assembling the Pizza: After it is ready, cover the pizza base with the pizza sauce to be spread evenly.
  • Cover it with sliced onion, capsicum, tomato, and the cooked chicken pieces on top will serve.
  • Then top with cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese to generously cover the crust.
  • Complete this masterpiece with just a pinch of oregano, because there is no dish complete without this authentic seasoning.

    Freezing the Pizza:

    It is possible to freeze the pizza and store it for later use by putting it in the freezer for up to a month.

    So, when hungry as it is often the case, take the frozen pizza out of the freezer and position it in the microwave and cook at 2 minutes until cheese melts and bubbles.

    Our frozen pizza recipe will make lunchtime really fun and is uncannily straightforward. Whether as a quick lunchtime meal from the busy week day, or as a fun treat during the weekend, this great pizza will quickly become a favorite with both children and adults. Whether you need a quick bite, or just yearning for a slice of your favorite pie- enjoy the pizza’s convenience and taste whenever the call presents itself.


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