Shami kabab for kids with low spices Recipe

In our home, dinner is not just about the fact of eating – it is the cultural heritage, the evergreen practice, the gathering event that unites the members of our family. There is such a magic in the family sitting around the table and sharing stories and the joy of delicate food hand-made with love. And on this note, one dish that always steals the show is our homemade beef kabab also called Shami kabab recipe an amazing dish to serve the whole family on all family get together or special occasions. Also you can make Phaarata kabab roll from these Shami kabab.  

Everything starts with the smell of spices, delighting the air- a symphonic mix of garam masala, garlic, ginger, and an assorted aroma of herbs and spices. Now collecting the needed ingredients and ready to start another gourmet expedition, I cannot help but feeling satisfied ant invigorated. There is magic in the kitchen, a feeling of the ability to dream big and be content with a delicious meal and good company.

Our star Shami kabab recipe is of course the boneless beef cubes – morsels of the most delicious meat you can put in your mouth. Oh my goodness, every time I carefully choose the best part of the beef and put them in a cooking pot to simmer in hot water, I get nostalgic about my past gatherings with my family and the fun happy occasions. A sizzling gill encourages people to come and stay together through the events of bonds creation and memories registration in our minds forever.

While the beef simmers down and imparts its essence to the broth, I introduce a little symphony of spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, and cardamom – each flavor adds its own dash of flavor. There is an intoxicating smell that creeps through the kitchen doors, an aromatic peek of what is to come.

Then we have the split chickpeas, soaked till they filled the brim with all the goodness, to give that yumminess some strength. As they wed with delicious beef and savory spices couched in a union of succulent harmony, the splendor of this amalgamation of form is dish that is both divine and fulfilling.

When the beef has softened, with all the flavors having melded to perfection, one must bring into play the above simple mixture and make things into kababs. My meat mixture now prepared as I need to only apply a few deft motions at the chopper to grind the meat into texture I am looking for, add onions; coriander, fresh coriander, and a whisked egg to bind it all together. It renders a fragrant concoction that merely needs to be formed into dro-droolic kababs, the shining figure of a family BBQ.

I knead it into cylindrical balls, savouring the anticipation of displaying to my family hard work – that my hands fashioned each one in love. Admittedly, as they sputter and turn golden in a frying pan leaving their heavenly scent in the air, I feel happy at having made something for my family to taste.

And therefore, as we sit down around the table, plates loaded with succulent Shami kababs, filled with raucous laughter and stimulating talk, I am reminded again of the pleasures of family and food. In conclusion, it is these times – not least enjoyed with those around us – that truly feed the whole being, and it is for this reason that one finds life rewarding. I will raise a glass to great food, company and to the eternal practice of sitting down together over a meal.

Shami kabab for kids with low spices Recipe

Prep time


Cooking time


Calories Per Serving



Ingredients for Chicken

  • Gram masala 1 teaspoon

  • Gram masala 1 teaspoon

  • Garlic/ Lehsan 1 bulb

  • Ginger 2 inches piece

  • Split chickpeas/ Daal chana 125 gm - soaked 30 min

  • Cinnamon/ Dar chini 1 stick

  • Black pepper/ Kali Mirch 10-12 pieces

  • Cloves 6-8 pieces

  • Cardamom/ Bari elaichi 2 pieces

  • Bay leaf/ Tez pat 1 leaf

  • Cumin/ Zeera 1 teaspoon

  • Salt/ Namak 1 - 1/2 teaspoon or to taste

  • Red whole chili/ Sabot Lal Mirch 3 pieces

  • Green chili/ Hari Mirch 2 pieces

  • Onion/ Piyaz chops 2 medium

  • Green coriander/ Hara dhnya 1 cup

  • Egg 1

  • Water 1 leter


  • In a pot add boneless beef cubes/ boti and water, Put flame on high and when water boils up remove froth/ jhaag

  • Add Ginger, Garlic/ lehsan, adrak paste, all gram masala, red chili, green chili and salt, Cover and cook on low flame.

  • Add soaked Split chickpeas/ Daal chana.

  • When beef is tender, dry excess water on high flame and put aside to cool down.

  • Remove gram masala.

  • Add cooked beef in chopper and grind it

  • Add chopped onion, coriander/ hara dhanya , egg n mix well and make kabab.

  • Freeze kabab up to 1 month

  • Heat the fry pan, add oil to fry the kabab. Fry both sides.


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