Shami Kebab with Paratha on Your Keto Diet Plan

A Journey Towards Health and Vitality

And there I was in the middle of all this urban mess; the rushing cars, the crowded streets, the non-stop city life, trying to find a place for change, that change that would not only make me rethink my eating habits, but my total lifestyle as well. And this was how, with a determined spirit and with my heart filled with health and enthusiasm, I started my journey towards a healthier and more energetic “me”.

Getting deeper into health and nutrition area, I uncovered the keto dietᅳa diet that could completely revamp the way I think about food and my body as well as help to transform it from the inside. For the first time, I was forced to look at my future as a challenge and not as a burden. With a new vigor, I embarked on a voyage of discovery, confident that the distant horizon was full of endless possibilities.

One crisp morning, as the sun bathed my kitchen in a warm, golden glow, I found myself drawn to a recipe that spoke to my taste buds while aligning perfectly with my keto lifestyle: Shami Kebab with Paratha. There was a feeling of exhilaration which flowed though my veins as I collected the ingredients, each one conveying a message to me about health and wellness.

Initially, I acted carefully and precisely when I measured out the chote gosht ka keema, enjoying the deeply satisfying taste as well as the nourishment it would give to my body in the process. And after that, I cooked the daal nicely of channa, making it soft, and adding up the flavors of my kebabs out of texture and depth.

A fragrant aroma of ginger, garlic, and spices started to invade the air around me, and all of a sudden I could feel my senses taking over. So much excitement and anticipation for the magnificent culinary adventure that was about to happen! I started inhaling deeply with every purposeful step, and as a result, my Shami Kebabs were imbued with love and devotion, and so I knew my lingering customers will not just put the food in their mouths but that it will turn out to be a celebration of good health indeed.

The kebabs sparked a little sizzle in nonstick pan and with the smell of cooked meat on the air, we were eager to experience the taste and the texture of the golden-brown exterior with the first bite. And this Paratha ingredient, which had a warm and crunchy texture, became a metaphor for me the journey of keto- which not only had a fate-change in the attitude of me toward food but also in the perception of life.

Thus, I began to understand how each chewy and rich morsel helped me to get maximum out of Keto’s benefitsᅳa surge of energy, a soaring mind, and a complete state of well-being that left me smiling. Not just this, I marveled how I was physically and psychologically pampered as much as I could never have dreamed before.

And I shall not fail to mention the journey, which began to unfold, with each step of the way I was looking forward to every new excellent recipe and green discovery with my soul seemed to be weightless and my heart was full of hope. At the tables and beyond, among the sizzling of spices and warmth of the stove, I discovered guarantees for my body not preserves for my soul was found tooᅳit was more like a reminder that with each deliberate choice, I was coming up with a life which filled me with health, vibrant, and possibility endless.

Shami Kebabs on Your Keto Diet Plan



Calories Per Serving




Net Carbs




  • 60g Goat Meat (85% lean) or 100g chicken - Mince

  • 30g channa daal

  • 2 tsp coconut oil (for kabab)

  • Ginger garlic chopped 1 tsp

  • 1 small cucumber

  • Garam masala (to taste)

  • Salt (to taste)

  • Podine ki chatni 3 tbsp


  • 1 medium paratha 7" (fry in 1 tsp of coconut oil)


  • Soak daal overnight. 

  • Soak daal overnight. Add qeema, daal, chopped ginger, garlic, garam masala, salt and pepper of your taste in a pressure cooker and cook for 5-10 min until tender

  • Let it cool for 10 minutes.

  • Now add this mixture in a blender and blend for a minute and make kababs out of the mixture.

  • Fry the Shami Kababs on a nonstick pan and serve with paratha and mint sauce.


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