How I Invented Three Ingredient Homemade Ice Cream During Lockdown

My homemade brand ice cream Without a Machine begin at lockdown which was the most difficult period for all of us. I had to find new ways of keeping my kids at home and entertained so that they did not miss going to school. It was at this point that the idea came to my mind – I decided to create something very simple and delicious, but also healthy that would not only satisfy their cravings for sweets,  And there it was! My own homemade chocolate ice cream without machine recipe for making!

The First  Homemade Brand Ice Cream Without a Machine Made of Three Ingredients

It all began hot summer afternoon when my kids were so cold and wanted something cold and sweet. With a small family, kitchen, and pantry, I knew I was in for a challenge! It was at this moment I felt a light in me and I came across the simplest recipe for homemade brand ice cream that only needed three ingredients: 3 Half Roll Oreo Biscuits, Full Cream Milk, and Milk Chocolate Bar (cooking chocolate). It looked that “the more I go along with that, the better” but I decided to take a chance.

The first thing was to get things we needed. I moved my house around and found three pieces of Oreo biscuits, a one-liter milk carton and a 250gm pack of milk chocolate behind the cupboard. I had all that I needed to make my own homemade brand ice cream, which was the right basis.

Creating the Magic

I began by crushing the Oreo biscuits into sandy crumbs, enjoying the delicious aroma diffused in the air. Next, I melted the milk chocolate bar at a very low heat in saucepan, stirring gently until it was silky smooth. Then I ground Oreos and melted the chocolate separately and that paste was formed by combining them together which was thick and creamy.

Adding the Creamy Element

Finally, the mixture of chocolate and Oreo was ready, and it was time for the creamy element. I then added the full cream milk to the mixture, mixing it slowly until every ingredient was well combined. The certainty of the sight of the rich chocolate swirling with the pieces of the Oreo biscuits , in fact, made my mouth water in the very anticipation.

Chilling and Freezing Vhocolate Stick Ice Cream

Once the mixture was blended well, I poured it into the freezer-safe container and levelled it with a spatula. The next process is to cover the pot with a lid, and then I took it to the freezer to cool. It felt like ages as we impatiently waited for our ice cream which we’ve made.

The Big Reveal Of Three Ingredient Icecream

At last, the time we had been waiting for came. This container of crunchy, chocolaty ice cream was waiting for me in the freezer. The ice cream was perfectly set, with small pieces of Oreos crumbs showing through the ice cream. It was a beauty to behold, and we couldn’t wait to taste it.

Scooping and Serving homemade brand ice cream

Holding the ice cream scoop, I portioned out generous helpings of our homemade Oreo milk chocolate ice cream into the bowls. The texture was divine- smooth and velvety, with just the right blend of chocolate and Oreo tastes. On each bowl, I finished it off by sprinkling a pinch of extra Oreo crumbs for a final crunch and a full-on indulgence.

Delight at the Yumminess of Homemade Treats

However, the process of making this delectable homemade milk chocolate ice cream Oreo ended up being more than just making a sweet dessert – it was about sharing happiness and bonding during the difficult time we were in. The more we enjoyed each bite, the more we appreciated the pleasure of simple life and the important role of homemade treats in lives of people and creation of happy memories.

homemade brand ice cream chocolate stick

Prep time


Cooking time


Calories Per Serving



Ingredients for Chicken

  • 3 Half Roll Oreo Biscuits

  • Full Cream Milk

  • 250 Gram Milk Chocolate Bar (cooking chocolate)


  • Gather 3 half rolls of Oreo biscuits, full cream milk, and a 250-gram milk chocolate bar (cooking chocolate).

  • Place the Oreo biscuits in a sealable plastic bag.

  • Using a rolling pin or the back of a spoon, crush the biscuits until they are broken into small pieces. Set aside.

  • Break the milk chocolate bar into smaller pieces and place them in a microwave-safe bowl.

  • Microwave the chocolate in short 20-30 second bursts, stirring in between, until fully melted and smooth. Be careful not to overheat.

  • In a mixing bowl, combine the crushed Oreo biscuits with the melted milk chocolate.

  • Pour in enough full cream milk to achieve the desired consistency for your ice cream. Start with a small amount and add more as needed. Mix until well combined.

  • Transfer the mixture into a freezer-safe container or mold.

  • Smooth the top with a spatula or spoon to ensure an even surface.

  • Place the container in the freezer and let it freeze for at least 4-6 hours or until the ice cream is set.

  • Once the ice cream is fully frozen, remove it from the freezer.

Homemade Ice Cream Without a Machine

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