Build and Burn Healthy Diet Plan


Welcome to the Build & Burn Challenge Healthy Diet Plan. I am proud of you for making this commitment. I aim to show how to live healthier lifestyles with Build & Burn Healthy Diet Plan. Thank you for giving me the privilege to be your guide!

Why a lifestyle change?

We all want to look good but that’s not what the challenge is about. It will come as a bonus and by sticking to the program, over time you will feel great and look great, but want to emphasize you must have patience.

What do you gain by choosing a healthier lifestyle?

Obesity is an assault on your body in many ways and impacts your organs, joints, and bones. Even your eyes can be damaged.

How to measure progress?

Take photos every week on the due dates.

Use a tape measure for the following.

Areas:Waist, Belly button, Hips, Upper arm, Neck, Calf, Chest/Back. Record the numbers each week.

Blood Pressure: Use a home device and measure first thing in the morning before any coffee or tea.

Heart Rate: To be taken in the morning before getting up from bed. Weight: Step on the scale first thing in the morning.

What to expect?

In the first weeks, you will most likely struggle with the new foods and workouts. Hang in there! Do not expect to drop weight every week. It took you a long time to gain excess weight, allow plenty of time to lose it once and for all! If you are not seeing changes but you feel better, have more energy & sleep better, you know you are on the right track! The visual changes are on the horizon.

I want you to forget everything you know about dieting. Food propaganda and marketing fool you about what food to eat when you are overweight. You might even eat healthy already but regardless the weight is not coming off. This is because healthy food is not the same as low-calorie food.

The foods we eat on Build & Burn allow us to eat larger quantities which will curb our appetite and kill cravings. Hunger is your enemy because when you are hungry you make poor food choices.


To most individuals, this will mean eating more right. Practice preventive eating habits. Eat a lot of volumes to inhibit cravings. I understand you’re getting confused here. How can overeating and eating a lot to fill up your belly lead to fat loss? Because it is about WHAT you eat, of course. Before I enter that subject, I want to explain why you want to stuff yourself to get lean. It’s simple if you give it some thought. You’re hungry > you want sugar > you can’t resist > you eat too many calories> you gain weight> you get depressed > you try to resist your food even more > you get outrageously hungry > you overindulge> you gain weight.


The solution is not to eat less; if it was, then you would not be in this vicious weight gain cycle. In Build and Burn, we put an end to this destructive pattern by purposely preventing overeating by overeating; you eat a big Build and Burn meal > you keep eating Build & Burn meals > you lose more fat > you drop even more body fat > you get motivated to keep going > your metabolism goes up > you can eat more while losing fat > your cravings drop because you’re not starving at all. Compare these two strategies, and you will realize that build & burn is the way to go for life unless you’re one of those who want to be miserably hungry while you’re working on your fit body.


It is normal and expected to experience bloating and gas while acclimating to a higher volume of veggies. Always steam, microwave, or saute (with water or your allotted oils on the menu or you can use cooking spray) your worst offenders; cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale.

With these veggies is the SULPHUR containing PHYTONUTRIENTS in addition to regularly increased demands on digestion. These compounds protect your liver and have been shown in studies to fight cancer. The GAS is produced by the good bacteria in your intestine so it’s a sign you’re eating for health! Over time and also by chewing the food thoroughly you’ll teach your digestive system to handle the food with less GAS FORMATION,


The reason for using grams rather than measuring cups or oz: it is universally recognized and easy to convert.


1 Oz = 28g

1 lb = 454g

5g Oil = 1 tsp

14g Oil = 1tbsp


The challenge provides meal plans for you to follow. You can swap out foods as needed. But, please get approval from the GSFR team to make sure you choose the right items and keep a food journal to keep track of your accountability and progress.

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